Play YouTube In Background On iPhone – iOS 12 (2 Methods)

Play YouTube in background on iPhone on iOS 12. 2 Methods to Play YouTube videos in background on iPhone.

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23 Replies to “Play YouTube In Background On iPhone – iOS 12 (2 Methods)”

  1. CoreyAction

    This is why Android's are better imo because all you would need to do is just download the video into MP3 and you would be able to play it in the background, iPhones on the other hand, you are not able to do so, and that is lame because I like to play and listen to music on the go, iPhone you can't simply just do so unless you download an app and etc.

  2. Creative World

    Banana Video has some inappropriate “Hot” Searches. As a Christian myself I do not support those searches… if you have a similar application without that I would appreciate it a lot.

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