POCOPHONE F1 (POCO F1) vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Speed Test!!!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Xioami POCO F1 POCOPHONE F1 Ultimate Speed Test. POCO F1 has 6/64GB Storage and Snapdragon 845 CPU vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with latest Exynos and 6GB RAM.

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24 Replies to “POCOPHONE F1 (POCO F1) vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Speed Test!!!”

  1. Andrea

    poco opens games and apps faster because its running on 1080×2246 resolution meanwhile s8, s9 have 1440×2960 resolution the s8 and s9 have 1.3 times better resolution and that takes more to open stuf because they will be more clear and sharper.
    learn some stuff then say that poco is better the only thing why you should buy poco is because of the price its like 2 times cheaper

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