Pocophone F1 Review! – What's Good & Bad w/ This Phone? [4K 60FPS]

Pocophone F1 Review – What’s good and bad with this phone?

The Pocophone F1 is without a doubt the best value on an Android smartphone with the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, retailing at just $300 USD. There are even reports that Xiaomi is selling this smartphone at a loss. In this review, I am going to cover the good and the bad about the Pocophone F1.

In this review, I cover the processor, battery life, camera, fingerprint sensor, 3D IR face recognition, microphone, speakers, bootloader, launcher, 4G LTE support, display, and even some PubG gaming.

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Full written review here:

If you like Pocophone F1 but live in the U.S. and need all the 4G LTE bands, check out the more expensive Xiaomi Mi8, which I would recommend over Pocophone as it is more a complete phone, see my full Mi8 review here:

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4K Video Test w/ Pocophone F1:

Pocophone F1 vs. Mi8 vs. Galaxy S9:

Pixel 3 Camera on Pocophone F1:

How to Unlock Bootloader on Pocophone F1:

How to root Pocophone F1:

Pixel 3 vs. 3XL, vs. Note 9 vs. Mi8 vs. Pocophone vs. LG V40 vs. OnePlus 6 Comparison Review:

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22 Replies to “Pocophone F1 Review! – What's Good & Bad w/ This Phone? [4K 60FPS]”

  1. umloginqualquer

    What about the comparison against the Mi 8? Is the F1 speaker louder? Is Mi 8 water resistant as some reviews show? Does the cooling system in the Pocophone make a difference in long gaming sessions? Which of them would you buy?

  2. agent 47

    phone works fast very smooth. sadly i sent mine back after discovering the audio quality is terrible and very quiet, i use my phone mostly to listen to music. disappointing phone how could the make the audio so terrible i have 5 year old £50 windows phone that sounds better on headphones, most of the other features work pretty well but with no decent audio i will have to carry two phones or this phone and a music player … total deal killer, this problem is known changing region on the phone sets the audio louder but the quality is still terrible over headphones

  3. Abubakr Elkhalefa

    You didn't talk about Android Auto issue

    Basically it does not work on this phone

    That's a huge set back and deal breaker (at least to me)

    I bought this phone after seeing so many reviews but non of them talks about Android Auto issue and terrible and useless screen casting
    If I knew about it before I buy it…I'd probably rethink my options

  4. Matej Ramljak

    I've read about these chinese brand phones, yes they're high quality, and yes, they're cheap, but the reason why they're so cheap is because they make up for the lost money selling your informations to the advertisers (to help launch a more relevant ad towards your direction) it's what I heard tho I'm not accusing anyone.

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