Pocophone F1 Tips/Tricks and Features

The Pocophone F1 by XIaomi Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks.

Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi


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37 Replies to “Pocophone F1 Tips/Tricks and Features”

  1. Irene De Lima

    Sir, I tried to download PDF file from net and i already installed pdf readers like Adobe but It still wouldn’t open. It says that There’s no app available to open the file

  2. RaymondT

    It it is not necessary to set up "double tap screen" or "Raise to wake" if you have set up the fingerprint scanner. Just pick up and place your finger on the scanner and the phone will wake with the screen unlocked (MIUI

  3. tao jones

    Hi and thanks for the videos a great help. I just bought a Poco global. Maybe you can help me my lock screen image only covers 3/4 of the lock screen? Is this normal? My Home screen is full screen. Also how do you get the system apps to recognize google photos? Such as the message app, gallery etc. Cheers

  4. Ric Mazer

    Thanks mate, really appreciate your video. Getting my Poco today and your tricks come in handy. Hope to see more videos from you in the future.

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