Problems With iOS 12

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iOS 12 hasn’t been too bad, but here are some bugs I’ve had with it so far!

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22 Replies to “Problems With iOS 12”

  1. Mobilex Legendz

    My iPhone is crashing my apps and if I have 100% charge in iPhone when i plugged off my iPhone 100% will turn 0% I don’t know how to fix it it always happening like everyday now I use my phone with my charger plugged in ,and I’m really sorry If i have bad grammar cause I’m a filipino hope you understand

  2. Todog _26Yt

    IOS.12.1 my messages notifications are not making noises when I am on the the home screen of my iPhone but if someone texts me on iMessages and I am on iMessages it makes a noise? Can someone help?

  3. Eliz Donovan

    apple are replacing the unit with a new (same model) I-pad after the iOS 12 debacle for what they say is the cost of a replacement battery. There is a catch … it cost me €160.01. Yes one hundred and sixty euro and one cent for the privilege of their giving me the new I-pad.

    Their mistake in frying my ? battery with iOS 12 and I have to pay 0ne hundred and sixty one euro and one cent to continue with the iPad. The staff were very pleasant and helpful. Full marks for staff who were very professional and pleasant in carrying out the tasks of their employment. However, zero marks to ? Apple for taking my money ? for fixing their mistake.

    Is this planned obsolescence with the batteries?


  4. faris khalid

    since downloading IOS 12 a couple days ago — each time I activate my phone for whatever reason any were, internet is only via wifi data and not my celluar data. This was NOT happening before

  5. Brian Stålesen

    I have a big problem, i just updated my 7 plus 128gb to ios 12, and my microphone is not working anymore. I have also tried to turn off microphone cancellation but nothing works. Please help fast?

  6. quito787

    With iOS 12 when using facetime t's a pain to switch between front and rear cameras and muting the microphone. Getting rid of that overlay to mute and do other stuff seems slow too (I use an iPhone X). I don't think this would have flown if Jobs was still alive. Something like this just isn't simple and elegant. It is clunky and sh@$#!

  7. Tate Knight

    My messaging is messed up it makes two of the same contacts and I can only get messages from the new one and once in a while when I text my gf my message will go through as a different number

  8. Kathy G'Maw

    iPnone 7 plus – since downloading IOS 12 a couple days ago — each time I activate my phone for whatever reason at home, internet is only via cellular data and not my WiFi. This was NOT happening before. We now have to go in and select WiFi with each use. Solutions, pease….

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