PUBG Mobile BUDGET Controller Setup! (iOS/Android Controls, Settings, Tips)

“PUBG Mobile Controller iOS/Android Cheap Budget – Controller Setup Without Octopus for PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile iOS Android with Controller (PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks) Controls Tips – PUBG Mobile How to Win! PUBG Mobile Triggers Gameplay Review – PUBG Mobile Pro Controller Support”


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Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel! Today I have a very exciting PUBG Mobile video where I show you several different controllers for the game. If you ever wanted controller support for PUBG Mobile, guess what? You can with the new triggers I’m showing in this video! They make you 100 times better and you can become a pro fast with these tips I describe in the video! Controller support is so good!!!

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40 Replies to “PUBG Mobile BUDGET Controller Setup! (iOS/Android Controls, Settings, Tips)”

  1. Andy X Akamatsu

    I’d buy a phone grip with triggers just to try it out, it looks fun to use!

    But i see people who complain a lot about this… "If you don’t play a game the original way you are pretty much trash"


  2. blackbagans

    i love how everyone claims controllers are cheating, but if everyone was allowed to use a controller, ur tunes would change immediately.
    if everyone was allowed to use a controller the it would be an even playing field would it not? anyone not willing to use a controller wen they are able to have easy access to it, r screwing themselves at that point. and anyoner who says "controllers can get expensive" is an idiot. how do i know, u may ask? bc i bought a really nice controller for 10 dollars. they arent all that expensive. it doesnt take a xbox or playstation controller to play with a simple bt controller

  3. Marshmello JR.

    I seriously don’t care what I use for example this I’m getting and I’m comfortable so I really don’t care about any opinions unless they seem interesting to me.

  4. GreenFace Vault

    To me, the best trigger is Robot RT-GP02. Pure mechanical trigger, 2000 mAh powerbank, and cooling fan in one product. What sets it really apart from other product is the 1 year warranty.

    Oh btw, while shooting with trigger, you can control the recoil with your right thumb (camera sensitivity, not the free view one).

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