Quick Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) vs Galaxy Watch Active (40mm) Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (Amazon) Buying Link:
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Galaxy Watch 46mm Bluetooth:
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Galaxy Watch 42mm Bluetooth:
Galaxy Watch 42mm LTE:
Galaxy Watch 42mm LTE (Rose Gold):
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SAMSUNG GEAR S3 Smartwatches:
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch (Bluetooth) – US Version with Warranty:

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Dr. VIVA P1 Fitness Watch (mentioned briefly in this video):
See the P1 video review. Remember, it’s less than half the price of the Galaxy Watch Active:

Tethering apps:
Galaxy Wearable
Galaxy Watch Plugin –
Samsung Accessory Service –

This is a revised and shortened comparison video. Thanks for all the feedback for a quick video. Hope this is more palatable (no talk about swapping bands in this one!). For those who want more, see the links below for a variety of Galaxy watch videos, including the longer Galaxy Watch / Active comparison.
This is the latest rendition of the Samsung Galaxy Watch line, the “Active” which is 2mm smaller in diameter than the ladies version of the Galaxy Watch (42mm) and considerably smaller than the men’s Galaxy Watch (46mm). Still, it is a firmatable watch, especially at the new low price of under $200. It has both NFC and GPS and runs the same Tizen 4 operating system as its expensive peers. We are doing a series of videos on this Active watch, including an unboxing, tethering, first look, and more. When blood pressure reading is finally available, we’ll take a special look at that, too. Have you subscribed to our channel yet? If you do, you’ll be among the first to know when a new video is published!

Interested in the Gear S3 Watch (it’s still available):
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch (Bluetooth) – US Version with Warranty:
SAMSUNG GEAR S3 Frontier Smartwatch 46MM – Dark Grey (Certified Refurbished):

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From: Al Rod
A great ladies watch I think… And the best part can play my wearOS/Tizen watchfaces 🙂

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23 Replies to “Quick Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) vs Galaxy Watch Active (40mm) Smartwatch”

  1. SmartWatch Ticks

    Thanks for your feedback everybody! I obviously missed the mark on the original "comparison" video I posted a few days ago, so I’ve renamed it, appropriately, “Replacing Bands on Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) and Galaxy Watch Active (40mm) Smartwatches”, and I redid the full comparison video here. If you share anything with your social media, please share this video for the quick and focused comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active. Really sorry I screwed up. Hope this helps make things right. —Mr. Ticks

  2. Francisco Rosário

    I've been tempted to buy the galaxy watch for MONTHS now… I never bought it, because I have a small wrist, and the watch is huge, even the 42mm version, this new active version is perfect and looks good. Just ordered. Can't wait.

  3. The Tech Millennial

    Hey who says the pink version has to be for the ladies 😉 haha.

    I just switched from iPhone to a Galaxy after 10 years! Picked up the Galaxy Watch as well and I love them. I also made a video on my channel about the switch, if anybody wants to give me feedback 🙂

  4. Chris R

    Love to see a comparison between the Samsung Gear Sport and the Galaxy Watch Active. Basically a cheaper cousin, being swim proof , Samsung Pay, sports features.

  5. n3vR04

    Why exactly is the rose gold the “lady’s version”? Personally own the 46mm, but the main part of the watch is gold. Why again is it lady’s version? Can a man not use this watch?

  6. crissyneff3711

    I had the galaxy watch, I just sold it and bought the galaxy active. The galaxy watch was a little too bulky and big for me. I can't wait to get the active in the mail. Both beautiful devices tho.

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