Quick speed comparison: Nokia 7.2 vs Nokia 7 Plus

This is just a quick speed comparison video which is poorly done as usual. I filmed it with my Nokia 6 (2017) since I ran out of the cameras at home. Anyway, SD660 working pretty much the same on Nokia 7 Plus and on a new Nokia 7.2. I’ll try to be better next time.
Thx for watching and check out the post at Nokiamob.net

18 Replies to “Quick speed comparison: Nokia 7.2 vs Nokia 7 Plus”

  1. Onkel Ebert

    I still use my Nokia 7 plus as a daily driver, so i have to disagree with you. The camera is not very good, not even quite good. It is barely average. When you use a modified gCam, you'll get some decent pictures, but nothing comparable to the Pixel 3a or Lumia 950 (XL).

  2. Anis Abbasi

    A lot of unnecessary hand movements which is really annoying and also there’s no need to speak about everything we have eyes so! At the end i didn’t get the usage of that Tangerine… any way thanks.

  3. Olle Jonsson

    I have the Nokia 7.1 and I like it, but should I wait for a 7.3 and skipp 7.2 – I guess there are better camera-apps then the standard Google app for taking images. I prefer ProShot on my old Windows Lumia 950 and on my iPhone/iPod and today I will test it on my Nokia 7.1

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