React Native vs Android Development vs IOS Native Apps – Best choice for Mobile Development🔥🔥

✌️React Native vs Android Development vs IOS Native Apps – Best choice for Mobile Development🔥🔥

First, a brief explanation of the options to choose from.
A Native Application is an application developed for a specific platform. There are two mobile platforms that are significantly more popular than others these days, and they are Android and iOS. When developing for Android, a native application is developed in Android Studio with Java and Kotlin as the languages. For iOS, the IDE is Xcode and the language can be both Objective-C and Swift.

React Native is an open source framework from Facebook, which brings the concepts from web development into mobile development. The development of these applications is done in JavaScript, but the result is still a native application.

All of the APIs and the functionality that the platform offers can be accessed through a native development environment. There is no extra layer mapping over the functionality that needs to be updated and there are no restrictions or dependencies other than those of the native environment.

The big disadvantage is the fact that each native application only can be run on that specific platform. This means that if you choose to develop natively, you will have to develop two separate applications for your application to work on both Android and iOS. Unfortunately, these two applications will differ a lot, and no code can be shared between them. Of course a backend, which is often a big part of an application, could be the same for both versions.

### Pros
As mentioned before, with React Native there is no need to develop two separate applications. Instead the same code base can be used for both Android and iOS. This is a big advantage since there is no need to learn two different languages and platforms, it is enough to know only one.

When using React Native to develop a relatively simple app, the time from start to having the application on the market is often shorter than when developing the application natively. This is due to the fact that only one application has to be developed instead of two.

✌️When developing in React Native and a file is saved, the changes are immediately shown on the device where the app is running. This speeds up the process of getting feedback on recent changes.
React Native is open source which comes with the opportunity to inspect the code. This can be helpful to increase the understanding of the framework, but also to help improve the framework by fixing bugs or adding features.


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    Sir react native mein purely HTML and CSS ka syntax nhi hota it just like JSX. React native component jab native application pe jata hai tho wo uska native component use karta hai like View component hota hai react native and jab wo Android mein jata hai tho Android ka EditText mein convert ho jata hai jisse app ki performance aachi ho jati hai

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