React Native vs Flutter vs WebView – Hybrid Mobile App Development for 2018

Ex-Google Tech Lead THE TECHLEAD gives his thoughts on the current state of cross-platform hybrid mobile app development, featuring React Native, Flutter, WebViews, and pure native apps for iOS and Android.



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21 Replies to “React Native vs Flutter vs WebView – Hybrid Mobile App Development for 2018”

  1. Watene Hetaraka

    So native came out in 2016 right. The thing native was built backwards. then named. If that makes sense while using an Icloud register since window 97. In that building development in technologies. was actually buying and saving technology prompts also trading. The reason why cross server is a no no. Says it all. The Apex of Native dates internationally form atlease 19th centuary maybe more for corences. Witch holds under every law. Even china. Even south korea. Saving these keys formating exports into a key made a icloud based key for emports thats really how Native was built. Also um he was a bit loopy. haha

  2. Joshua Johnson

    TechLead, I found this post by chance and was surprised at the originality of thought that went into your discussion. You definitely know your stuff. I have subscribed and will watch more of your posts. Best of luck to you.

  3. Scott Stoll

    Dude, I love your stuff but you actually did get something "factually incorrect" in this one. I'm a public speaker on Flutter, so I'm hip-deep in this everyday. You stated that native is fastest and has smoothest performance, but that's not true. One of Flutter's chief reasons for existing is that it compiles to AOT and is faster and smoother than native; it doesn't require a VM that interprets code and bogs down performance. Flutter is made to hit 60fps on everything from KitKat on up and experiments from the guys in Germany have had 120fps… though I'm still trying to figure out how they measured that one.

    Keep up the great work! It's impossible to get everything right every day for months and years on end, so missing this little one thing's no big deal.

    P.S.: LOVED the antipatterns video. Damn near wet myself laughing!

  4. phurien

    You see you have to ask yourself, do you really need to have ads on your channel? Because if you do then you're going to make money, and then what? You have to find things to do with it? No thanks.

  5. thetommantom

    Holy fuck your word combinations are so unique. I heard the same words used in so many different ways. You said like 100 words 100 times each without repeating.

  6. Jie Gong

    I like the content, but definitely not the pickup line. I don't know why Americans like to add a pickup line in the front of every video. It makes me uncomfortable. It's not funny and not revelant to the content. Why not just say hey guys, then right to the content.

  7. Atka Stan

    As I worked in a team that we were big enough to have 1 person per platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac) working with native UI and a common C/C++ library that does the underlying work (most of the "services", logic and networking). 90% / 10% was a goal (90% common C++ code and 10% native UI code per platform, e.g. Java on Android etc). We tried react; the memory and performance implications of a webview were too harsh and a lot of the native UX affordances where hard to faithfully reproduce. If you can have >=1 person per platform then go native UI with a common library for the business logic. Don't try to "optimize" your team for development performance and "share UI" code, you will just end up chasing your tail and redoing work over and over to "get it right" everywhere.

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