Real reason for arrest of Huawei CFO

A US-led “intelligence sharing alliance” known as “Five Eyes” have been working behind the scenes to contain Huawei in the interest of stunting China’s technological development and breaking their lead in wireless communication technology. Revelations concerning the “Five Eyes” operation against the Chinese telecommunications industry puts the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in a new light. RT America’s Michelle Greenstein joins Rick Sanchez to discuss.

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36 Replies to “Real reason for arrest of Huawei CFO”

  1. pomoz radovi

    Huawei Czech uses a nuclear positron weapon with this weapon they can
    spy, shoot people's make video behind the walls of the flats and also
    and kill the people her with her possibly harming them
    with vital organs similar to the proton cancer treatment center rsp
    burning and destroying tumors abused for the destruction of healthy

    tissues. This weapon should only be used for medical purposes, not for
    extortion and destruction, and for spying on people, which means illegal
    arming and terrorism.
    He can manipulate and bribe the police, judges, doctors, lawyers, friends, family just for all people to fulfill their commands.
    can negotiate new bussines oportunities under the threat of health
    damage in case of death. In Huawei Czech republick people like (Radoslaw
    Kedzia, Aleš Polák, Martin Kocandrle, Jiří Pospíšil,
    Svoboda, Dana
    Goubejová) hired a positron company to commit criminal things. They
    atacking, for example, your head at the XYZ GPS point and it works same
    in CERN (Switzerland), that there are two positrons in the XYZ
    coordinates in your body that explode and destroy everything around.The
    airplain in Ethipia drop down due this nuclear weapon…0 Czech people
    died…also 0 romania people died (romania HQ huawei controling the
    czech huawei)

  2. Tommy Lee

    I knew from the beginning that all this is about stopping the development of Huawei. Canada better release Meng Wanzhou and not get involved into this trade war! Trump is an idiot, can't beleive he will get another presidential mandate! Everything is about his huge egos. "DON'T DO WHAT I DO, DO WHAT I SAY!"

  3. Miss Bliss

    Their phones are crap. Mine is freezing after 3 months! Hand holding it aches. Aching pelvis after putting the phone facing inward in my front pocket. Headaches. Weak. Exhausted after using it for few hours. Crap phones. BUYER BEWARE.

  4. father less

    So it's like russian tsar bomba nuclear bomb project
    It was the biggest man made bomb in history
    So U.S.A ban the nuclear bomb project in outer space, underwater and atmosphere, so if the u.s.a did not ban it, what would happen to this world, so in here the america, when they see the threat, they will immediately plan something to take care of it or it will became a threat to humanity. So basicly, 5G is fast and good, but it also have a bad thing about it. Like in the past china hack google, and because of that google ban china from using it. So What would happen if china use 5G to steal information on other country? To drive a fast car, we need to learned to controlled it first or it will became dangerous and caused an accident and a regret will follow later on.

  5. Rodger Murphy

    Real reason = blatant technology theft and purposeful sanction violations

    Putinstan should understand. Same way china steals your aircraft designs and technology

  6. Wozitoya Dude

    Our phone are being monitored by Google, Microsoft and Apple. If our phones are not being used under the US technology. These Government contractors will not be able to track the US citizens' daily activities.

  7. Cary Andrae

    US is pissed their their dicks is not longer the biggest and they are no longer the winning side of so called market leaders to show the world. So they work on to handicap the competition so that they can have "free and fair trade". If they are not winning then it is neither free nor fair…..according to the US.

  8. naraimaz

    Thanks to US letting us know and opened our eyes banding Huawei that not to use any device or system made in USA. Every country using iPhone, Window, apple, GPS etc. Be careful yourself US surveillance you.

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