Redmi 10X 5G Unboxing/Review after 1 month! Watch before buying! is this Redmi Note 10 Global?

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Related Things below stated r timeline of this video, time stamps:
00:30 – Redmi 10X 5G Unboxing
02:10 – Redmi 10X 5G Review
03:35 – Redmi 10X 5G hands on
12:00 – Redmi 10X 5G performance
04:40 – Redmi 10X 5G screen test
16:01 – Redmi 10X 5G face ID
08:10 – Redmi 10X 5G sound speakers
22:40 – Redmi 10X 5G gaming test
20:40 – Redmi 10X 5G Camera Samples
16:58 – Redmi 10X 5G battery life
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31 Replies to “Redmi 10X 5G Unboxing/Review after 1 month! Watch before buying! is this Redmi Note 10 Global?”

  1. Yakadoodledongywongy

    MTK cheat benchmark scores though. I don't care about that stuff but no global variant so I'd have an MTK chip in a phone that won't work in my country. Otherwise I'd buy 5 as Christmas gifts. Y'all missed a trick there didn't you xiaomi?.

  2. Yingtong Liu

    It has some problem with the compatibility of apps which require location services… such as uber. i downloaded google play framework, service, and also store, but once i get on uber, it always tells me "google play services are updating". is there anyone knows how to solve this issue?

  3. Litih'Z _

    Some said that mtk processors have video decoding issues. This redmi 10x 5g also has over sharpness issue while playing YouTube video, is that right?

  4. rtre

    Remember one thing:
    Efficiency of battery consumption:
    765G – 98 points (nr 1 on market)
    Dim820 – 87 points (avarage)
    Also : single core performance is 5% diffrence

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