Redmi 10X Pro – IS THIS REDMI NOTE 10?

After seeing recent reports of a potential new Dimensity 820 powered chipset, I ask the question about my favorite value champ Redmi 10X Pro: is THIS the REDMI NOTE 10? And when can we expect a global release? #Redmi10XPro #RedmiNote10 #Redmi #FrankieTech

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31 Replies to “Redmi 10X Pro – IS THIS REDMI NOTE 10?”

  1. Ashraf Moosa

    I just wanted to ask some advice which would you buy if you didn't play mobile games….. Redmi 10x5g 6/64 for 245 dollars or Mi 10 youth 6/64 for 312 dollars, I don't have many other options.. I can't import global versions of xiaomi phones where I live and these are only budget phones with amoled screens, which is important to me. I know soc is major difference between the phones so just wanted to know which you would choose if you have used them both.

  2. ScotchandDry

    I hope you are right Frankie and they make this the Note series phone. It would be great if they had dual SIM and expandable memory with solid low light cameras… My next phone (Please Xiaomi!)

  3. Litih'Z _

    Hi Frankie!
    May I ask you a question? A suggestion for a new phone!
    I am currently using pixel phone which is from 2016 and that is also my first ever phone. I have never experienced a phone with high refresh rate
    display and also good performance.
    Here in my country
    OnePlus Nord 6/64 is 340 dollars
    and Redmi k30 pro 6/128 is 346 dollars
    So , at this price
    Should I give up 90Hz display for snapdragon 865 or should I give up snapdragon 865 for 90Hz display?
    I am not interested in smartphone photography that much but I want to play PUBG mobile and Vainglory at high setting.
    Which one should I pick up?

  4. Marcel112

    xiaomi is lost, leaving there core thoughts… going/becoming a big price seller, so sad, i will eave them after the mi 10 pro price release

  5. Deepak Mehta

    Redmi note 9 is just released in india. I don't think they will launch its successor in couple of months here. Sadly it will come next year to India i think.😐 Cuz redmi note 9 launch was delayed here. Literally a year after note 8.
    Anyway , good job bro..!! Stay safe stay healthy 😊

  6. João Luxor

    It´s possible bc of course this Redmi 10x 5g or the 10x pro 5g with the MTK dimensity should be the best choice from the 9s or 9 pro, sure it needs a global version and i am a buyer.

  7. José Luis García

    I think the Redmi 10x series will not come out in Global version, for that Xiaomi (RedMi) will deliver the RedMi Note 10 line
    RedMi 10x 4G = RedMi Note 10 Lite? RedMi 10x 5G = RedMi Note 10? RedMi 10x Pro = RedMi Note 10 Pro

  8. Gaming Masters

    In my opinion there is a huge chance of this happening but I can't stress it enough how much i love this phone but this delay in launch is heart cracking i am waiting for this phone to finally change my current one

  9. Leonardo Silva

    Hi from Ecuador Frankie. A YouTuber mentioned that it could also bring 90hz. My question for you is: What do you recommend. Sd765g with 90hz or MediaTek 820 with 60hz?

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