Redmi 10X Pro One Month Review – 5 FAVORITE THINGS!

Here is my one month review of the Redmi 10X Pro! What are my 5 Favorite things about this Redmi 10 5G series? And will this series finally go global? #Redmi10XPro #Redmi105G #Redmi #FrankieTech

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39 Replies to “Redmi 10X Pro One Month Review – 5 FAVORITE THINGS!”

  1. Walking Justice

    I have this phone-xiaomi 10x pro 5g and I like it's camera. But one problem is that it seems to put apps to sleep. For this reason if someone calls me on WhatsApp I don't get to see the call even if I have the phone in my hands n using may on YouTube. I can only see the call notification once I open WhatsApp and that could be hours later. The same happens to messages one WhatsApp and messenger. I'm I missing something? I have enabled everything that exists on the apps but that doesn't help. This makes me regret buying it and ditching my Huawei mate 10pro.

  2. Silent Builder

    I bought a Redmi 10X 5G after some months of watching your reviews and other midrange phone reviews. Got it for P11,700 for the 6gb-128gb variant. Though there are talks about the Xiaomi google services ban, the phone is still excellent and a real step up from my Honor play in terms of gaming, daily use and camera to name a few items.

  3. azabazipoh

    I'm falling in love with this phone because of your review videos Frankie. Thank you. So I'm asking your Malaysian fans here for their input. I think there will not be a global version anytime soon so I am thinking of buying the China Rom one. However I need to know if it supports the telcos in Malaysia and the 5G band too. Because if it doesn't, there's no point even if there is no problem to install google system on it. After all, in the end, it is a phone that needs to make calls and receive calls well. I can always tweek the google system and software but the hardware can't be changed. To those who reply, I thank you for sharing your experience. Last but not least, kudos Frankie.

  4. Jacob Glen

    This will be fitted to launched as a POCO phones, because of it's price to performance of course..
    I hope this will go global and officially sold in my country by the end of this year…
    What I don't like about this phone is the design is so much like redmi note 9 series… At least it should adapt POCO's f2 or f2 pro's lookalike, or at least the design of Mi 10 lite…

  5. Brandon S

    Hi Frankie, which camera is better? The cam on redmi 10x pro or Mi9T? Is it worth the upgrade if i will buy the 10x pro and sell my mi9t?

  6. Abdul Latheef

    My heart beat 💔 is in another level….Being an Indian I'm waiting for its launch in INDIA.. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN XIAOMI…And let it launch with its own Redmi 10X Pro…Don't rebrand this as Poco or anything else it's huge request… I'm begging for its launch

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