Redmi 10X Pro vs Mi 10 Lite 5G – IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Here is my Redmi 10X Pro vs Mi 10 Lite 5G Showdown! The ultimate mid-rangebattle of Dimensity 820 vs Snapdragon 765G is HERE! But is this as close a battle as it appears? #Redmi10XPro #Mi10Lite #Redmi #Xiaomi #FrankieTech

Time codes for the video:
00:00 – Intro
01:18 – Design, Display & DRM Info
02:22 – Audio Specs, IR Blaster & SIM Info
02:48 – Performance Overview/Geekbench/Antutu
04:09 – Androbench
04:40 – Daily use & experience
05:19 – Software
05:38 – Battery
06:00 – Camera Specs
06:51 – Camera Samples
10:13 – Camera Verdict
11:15 – PUBG Mobile
14:53 – Final Verdict

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34 Replies to “Redmi 10X Pro vs Mi 10 Lite 5G – IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE!”

  1. Tanzim K

    Compared to the SD765G's 290k-320k AnTuTu score, the Snapdragon 780G has over 526k score. This means the Snapdragon 780G is a lot more powerful than its predecessor.

  2. dragonballz0

    This review is not bad. Despite people saying "Frankie is biased," he's done a pretty good comparison.
    I've researched both units as possible replacement for my Mi5s Plus I currently use.

    As Frankie requested, what do we think of both phones based on his review? I have my input below on "BOTH; PROS; CONS" based on the users I've encountered in their weekly usage of smartphones.

    Both units:
    – Fond of the IR blaster, some people actually like having to control a remote controlled appliance on their smartphones
    (some have done automated functions like [turning on the TV/radio at a specific time, etc.] without having to figure out where in the menus to do this on their TV's (or smart TV's).
    – large memory capacity (I recommend the 128GB over the 64GB at $30+ additional price, its worth it)
    – Dual SIM slots (only if I have to travel, I can get a local sim, without having to remove my normal SIM)
    – headphone jack, without needing an adapter (in-case my bluetooth headset dies, I can plug in my headphones to continue listening to my tunes/videos
    – Color choice finishes are great on both, and we can always change them by purchasing cases/tempered glass for them
    – Fast charging is great on both (just remember to have your phone last longer, charge it without using the phone). 😉

    Redmi 10x Pro –
    – I like the physical design (camera placement on the center top back, I'm used to that design)
    – Like the processing power and smoothness or performance
    – MicroSD card slot a huge plus
    – Some camera shots are great in daylight settings
    – Great camera shots in night outdoors to capture city lighting in the distance

    – No global version of it available (as of this posting)
    – 5G frequencies it uses not used everywhere in the world, yet
    – Some camera shots (especially selfies) not sharp enough like the Mi10 Lite 5G
    – Some camera shots in medium to low lighting indoors are not great and out of focus
    – Speaker volume not loud enough for speaker phone function
    – Microphone only records at 96kps quality,, not like others at 192kbps or higher quality (128kbps is CD quality and 320kbps is MP3 DJ quality played in clubs, archive purposes, etc.)

    Mi10 Lite 5G –
    – Camera has an anti-shake function in 720/1080p a huge plus in making videos
    – 5G frequencies available in many parts of the world (Global version)
    – Camera takes great sharp shots in medium to low lighting indoors (huge plus)
    – Great outdoor pictures (not over contrasted as seen in some smartphones)
    – Great speaker volume for a smartphone of this class [even for speaker phone function]
    – Fingerprint reader behind center bottom of the AMOLED front screen, very cool (not on the side of the body like its bigger brother Mi10T Pro)
    – includes a TPU case to protect it out of the box

    – No MicroSD slot (major letdown)
    – Camera placement in the back is similar to iPhone (not used to this location)
    – 2MP camera's on the back barely do any justice, it should've been nothing lower than 8MP
    – Microphone only records at 96kps quality, not like others at 192kbps or higher quality (128kbps is CD quality and 320kbps is MP3 DJ quality)

    What do you guys think as either phone for yourselves?

  3. Daniel Regi

    Mi 10 lite has better camera processing but redmi has better camera specs . So after a while redmi might take over if they do give good ota updates for redmi ..

  4. Stefano Puglia

    Hi Frankie, I’m in China and I’ve got the redmi 10x but It seems that there is no MIUI Global Rom available yet. Do you have any idea how I can modify from china version to Global? Many thanks in advance

  5. Rusty Stainless

    That rear video sample of the Redmi 10x Pro needed OIS. I nearly get seasick watching it.The Mi 10 Lite photos are sharper in many examples, especially the portraits.

  6. Sam Owers

    I personally preferred the shots on the mi 10 lite preferred the colour out put and tons ect myself beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess lol ….


    when you are showing multiple Phones side by side,please show Device name in the video to identify. Also when you are showing Androbench results we can see nothing much. show the results in Screenshot separately or zoom the video to the results. Please take care in next videos

  8. Dominic Arguelles

    I like the reviews he's doing, 'cause he included the name of the primary camera sensor used as he did in this video mentioning the OV48 unlike the other reviewers in my country.

  9. Cristy Alas

    Holaaa necesito ayuda con comprar un telefono actualmente tengo un iphone 7 plus jajaja pero quiero cambiarlo aqui te dejo lo que quiero en el telefono: 1 bateria de buena duracion 2 buen alamacenamiento si posible con sd card 3 amoled pantalla 4 buenisima camara que no sea motorizada 5 google services 6 buen refresh rate si posible 7 pantalla plana no curvas 8 buena longetividas 2 0 3 años 9 si agarra 5 G mejor por si acaso 10 nada super caro menos de 400 dolares si posible. He tomado en cuenta el mi 10 lite de xiaomi pero aun no estoy segura los mas nuevos se ven bellos pero me desanima la pantalla curva no se si habra uno que reemplace al mi note 10 lite pero que tenga pantalla plana al menos. Ayudame amigo mi telefono ya no sirve.Gracias ay olvide que tenga buena estabilizacion en los videos

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