Redmi 10X unboxing and review with camera, PUBG, design, video general usage and settings.

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33 Replies to “Redmi 10X – UNBOXING & REVIEW”

  1. nortexoid

    This phone hits basically every spec I want in a phone around or just under 300 euros (assuming global version comes out) and would definitely last me four years or longer. I'm sitll using my moto g5 plus until the perfect midrange comes out (in Europe), meaning 5G, 6GB RAM, AMOLED, and decent performing SoC.

  2. Sarah Cernichiaro

    Is OV48C 1/1.32" big camera sensor in redmi 10X? I saw a twitch confirming it, but you could check using some app for spec's from play store … That would explain the great natural colors

  3. Charles Keller

    Are you planning on doing a comprehensive review of this phone in the near future. You along with only one other YouTube reviewer really seemed to be on top of this prior to and right after it came out. But yet you haven't even hardly acknowledged it since. An unboxing is one thing, a review after steady use is another. I really enjoy your videos. Please consider. Thanks.

  4. Паша Савко

    есть ли в устройстве NFC так как я пользуюсь беспроводной зарядкой ( у меня если что от компании Baseus)? Заранее спасибо!

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