Redmi 5A vs Moto C Plus Speed Test | Battle of best budget smartphones

Redmi 5A vs moto c plus speed test . Which phone is faser and better than th other? Watch the video to find out .

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36 Replies to “Redmi 5A vs Moto C Plus Speed Test | Battle of best budget smartphones”

  1. AetherDash

    Watching on my Moto c plus, so far from my experience the Moto is extremely slow and I can't even use Instagram without freezing and stopping and having to restart my phone

  2. Technical Jatin

    I have Moto C Plus I also Do a Camera Comparison myself Moto c Plus Have Good Camera Than Redmi 5a Also Moto c Plus Give Good ram Management & Battery of Moto c Plus is Awesome!!! & Moto c plus load Apps Slower but it happens Sometimes Not Every Time & My moto c plus never lags

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