Redmi 7 vs Note 7 vs Note 7 Pro – Ultimate Redmi Battle!

Here is my Ultimate Redmi battle between Xiaomi’s first 3 releases under their sub brand: The Redmi 7, Note 7 & Note 7 Pro! Which of these phones offer the best value at each of the various price points covered? Stay tuned for more great content coming as I recover from this crazy week! #Redmi7 #RedmiNote7 #RedmiNote7Pro #frankietech

Time codes for the video:
1:50 – Design
5:05 – Display & Youtube
9:25 – DRM Info
10:05 – Performance/Apps Loading
14:35 – Quick word on Battery
15:08 – Apshalt 9 Gaming
17:06 – Audio/Speaker Test
19:28 – Camera Comparison
22:12 – Final Verdict

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48 Replies to “Redmi 7 vs Note 7 vs Note 7 Pro – Ultimate Redmi Battle!”

  1. Frankie Tech

    So guys still been recovering from this crazy busy week, so bear with me as I get back into the swing of things! Thanks for watching!
    Time codes for the video:
    1:50 – Design
    5:05 – Display & Youtube
    9:25 – DRM Info
    10:05 – Performance/Apps Loading
    14:35 – Quick word on Battery
    15:08 – Apshalt 9 Gaming
    17:06 – Audio/Speaker Test
    19:28 – Camera Comparison
    22:12 – Final Verdict

  2. Kito

    redmi 7 is just there.

    note 7 have a more rich , sharper and brighter for night mode.
    note 7 pro is more natural. but not as good in low light.
    note 7 pro a slight speedy with 6gd and 675 snapdragon.

    i go go for note 7. camera and the price point. overall note 7 is the winner.

  3. AufrichtigerDeutscher

    The redmi 7 camera looks best to me. The redmi note 7 camera looks awful.
    The face in the note 7 looks like its covered with makeup and the elephant lacks details.
    At night however the note 7 camera starts to shine.

  4. Wire Rubbish Bin

    For picture 1 the Redmi 7 was best. Picture 2 Redmi 7 was best. same for picture 3. same for picture 4. same for picture 5. Redmi Note 7 was best for picture 6. for picture 7 Redmi 7 & Redmi Note 7 Pro were about the same. Picture 8 goes to Redmi Note 7 Pro. same for pictures 9 and 10. Pictures 11 & 12 go to the Redmi Note 7 Pro but only barely over the Redmi 7. Picture 13 & 14 go to Redmi Note 7 but all three were not very good. Picture 15 & 16 go to Redmi Note 7 but all three are very similar except for some minor blur in the Redmi 7. Picture 17 & 18 go to the Redmi Note 7 Pro but the Note 7 is a little more vivid. Picture 19 & 20 go to Redmi Note 7. Picture 21 & 22 go to Redmi Note 7. Picture 23 & 24 go to Redmi Note 7 but Redmi 7 is quite good. For the Camera and price I'd recommend the Redmi 7 and then the Note 7 with the Note 7 Pro last because of price and relatively ordinary photo results on the Pro.

  5. J K.

    To me the Note 7 Pro with the Sony chip ruins the low night video experience compared the regular Note 7 with Samsung chip which allows more light in to hit the sensor creating beautiful colors.

  6. Quasartone

    I dont think the Pro version is available in Global version. Standard version is fully translated in english ? I m very interested to buy one Redmi 7 pro, but i m stuck because of that "Global" story. Any help ? 😉 BTW excellent work ! Love it !

  7. df3yt

    Please confirm if the N7P's work with Polaroid sunglasses. The N6P only works in landscape mode. In portrait all you see is black. With the SAMOLED screens not such issue.

  8. df3yt

    Note 7 Pro – What the Mi 9 should have been. Apart from 855 vs 700 series. I think the Note 7 Pro has more practical features.
    N7P over Mi 9
    1. Bigger battery
    2. Rear sensor (easier to use and find without looking)
    3. 3.5mm Jack
    Mi 9 over N7P
    Wireless charging
    Faster processor

  9. RJ Anthony

    Best comparison review video among redmi 7 series so far, informative and I like your style better. Justa quick question tho.

    personally, wud u prefer RN7 or RN7 Pro? is the price and specs worthy of a price jump from rn7's standpoint? or u think the upgrades werent good enuff reasons to go for the pro version instead of the reg note 7

  10. BC Evans

    Love your reviews Frankie. Just great. Thanks so much for posting them. 🙂 Was watching all the video reviews of the Redmi Note 7 Pro and was super enthused for the release of the global version only to find out last week that they won't be releasing this outside of China and India. I'm sure your explanation of this is correct. But they should have said this earlier. Oh, well. I live in the United States. Now I'm wondering if the Redmi Note 7 global version will be available with 6GB RAM. It doesn't list this on their global versions site. Thanks for your help. Also I guess the camera on the RN 7 is improved by installing Google Camera Port. Found this link. 🙂 And here's the video here on YouTube. Thanks Frankie.

  11. edwin langga

    I have a question that is bugging me, does a third party case for the note 7 goes well in redmi 7, also is their screen protector or tempered glass would fit each other?

  12. Rajesh Oberai

    Even if someone buy Redmi 7 do you think he's gonna sacrifice in terms of reading, mailing or watching Vdos, taking casual shots & perform good in multitasking???

  13. Rafal Mon

    I guess you forgot to add that Redmi 7 has dedicated Micro-SD slot whereas Redmi Note 7 and Redmi note 7 pro doesn't. This is really important for me thus I need two sim and sd card at the same time. That's the reason why I want to buy Redmi 7.

  14. SBVCP

    The real comparison i Think is between the 9se and the redmi note 7 pro. However, i think it mostly win the note 7 pro.
    That said, it would be a rn7 pro vs poco f1. Yes, i know the poco wins in everything but design.
    HOWEVER, i would love to hear your in depth analisis on to how much is worth one over the other; L1 certifcation with netflix (because post-launch is not something netflix love), the camera, etc. Maybe the design is something minor, and the only really on which the redmi wins but, to be fair, if the diffence is only slightly, you plan to change phones in a near future and dont plan to emulate games…Is a tough choice

  15. kurniawan johar

    i suggest redmi note 7 was not bad at all even it using samsung camera. also redmi 7 was quite pretty impressive.. you cant be go wrong with this one of redmi 7 phone.. sigh rn7pro is not available in my country. also rn7 only comes 4gb/3gb ram

  16. pujun

    if i buy a redmi note 7 pro in mainland china, can i change the system from China version to global version (india version)? can you do a video step by step how to do that? and I 've heard that redmi 7 has very good battery life since resolution is lower and CPU is better in energy saving. can you confirm that as well?

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