Redmi 9 In-Depth Review – DAILY DRIVER LEVEL!

Here is my in-depth review of the Redmi 9! The first of the Redmi series with a FULL HD display, is this the first sub 150 USD phone that could be my full use daily driver? #Redmi9 #Redmi #FrankieTech

Time codes for the video:
00:00 – Intro
01:10 – What’s inside the box
01:46 – Design
03:20 – Display
04:05 – YouTube Playback
04:30 – DRM Info
04:39 – Performance/Geekbench/Antutu
05:15 – Software
05:45 – Battery
06:20 – Comms & Connectivity
06:58 – Speaker Test
07:40 – Camera Specs
08:24 – Camera Samples
10:24 – PUBG Mobile
12:20 – Final Verdict

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32 Replies to “Redmi 9 In-Depth Review – DAILY DRIVER LEVEL!”

  1. Harry Odilli

    I have really started to appreciate Xiaomi for the latest budget smartphones with the best gaming chipsets from MediaTek & some really competitive specs

  2. Muhammad Usman Khan

    Hey I am using redmi 9 global edition..I am having performance issues as well as I don't have NFC in my phone. And since box opened. i haven't seen any update from xiaomi to fix the bugs of this phone.

  3. George Kettenring

    I bought two of them now
    just sucks that you can only record video in 1080p and not in 4k 🙁 and only 30fps and not 60fps.. chipset should be fast enought for that.. anyone knows a hack ? Google camera maybe ?

  4. Maria Iulia

    I got the phone but when it detects sunlight the screen does something weird with the colors, they look kind of.. faded? does anyone know what that is and how to turn it off?

  5. kevin d'souzA

    Bhai koi bhi redmi 9 prime mt lo battery Kuch drain
    Ka boht bda problem hai iska issue Accha note 8 hai Uske battery prime se acchi average deti hai.vo lelo.ya for narzo 10a hai.9 prime mt lo pchtaoge

  6. julianwjw

    Good review buddy – Always interested to look at budget phones as my secondary phone. Also good to see you representing HK reviews; keep it up and stay safe!

  7. Maritimers Chasing The Sun

    I appreciate the great review!
    I'm considering this phone…seems like a very good phone for the money. It's about time to replace my 6 year old Samsung 🙂 Speaking of my Samsung, it's very easy to replace the battery but it seems most current day phones don't have replaceable batteries. Is it possible to replace the battery in a Xiaomi? Thanks!
    – Rob

  8. first angel

    i using poco f2 pro..and i bought redmi 9…is the brightness problem..maybe is the software..waiting for the update..hope can fixed the problem.

  9. Sky

    Brother, please try gcam in this🙏
    Nice video by the way, it's value for money device. In India, it has 4gb variant for $130approx.

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