Redmi 9 Prime Charging Test [18W Fast Charger]

Redmi 9 Prime has support for 18W charging and here is the charging test using the 18W charger from Xiaomi.

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48 Replies to “Redmi 9 Prime Charging Test [18W Fast Charger]”

  1. nawazish khan

    Xiaomi is a liar cheat coz 18W fast charger should charge in 1-1.5hour maximum but this crap is taking almost 2.30 hours for fast charging! Which charging protocol is used in redmi9 prime they have not mentioned?

  2. Rahul

    Better to use 10w charger for longer battery life of 3 years or more as 10w causes less heat during charging and reduces degradation of battery in long run. This 18w charger causes battery failure in about 2 years.

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