Redmi 9 Prime Water/Durablity Test

Hi, gamers in this video we will conduct the water test of Redmi 9 prime , in which we will immerse the Redmi 9 prime under water for 1 minute and then check all the essentials like speaker, camera, charging port and headphones jack, i repeat again please do not try this at home. Subscribe zrur krna

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Video Gear I use :

➡Camera : canon 200D
➡My DSLR lenses 18-55
➡DSLR nd filter :
➡My Dslr Memory Cards :
➡My Tripod ( video ) Digitek 590 vd Pro
➡My Tripod ( Travel )
➡My Tripod ( live stream ) :
➡Ring Light :
➡Ring Light Stand :
➡My Mic setup : Rode video mic Go
Rode 3.5 mini jack extension cable :
Mic Stand :
Emergency Mic : boya bymm1
➡Cosmus DSLR bag :
➡My laptop : HP omen 2015 (i7 7th gen, 1tb hdd, 128gb ssd, 32 gb ram, 4gb gtx 1050ti dedicated graphics )
➡My Mouse : Logitech B170 wireless mouse
➡My Primary Phone : Iphone SE 2020 128GB
➡My Editing Headphones : Corsair HS50
➡My PowerBank :

Thanks a lot for visiting the channel gamers, do check out other videos too!

Jt Jones


34 Replies to “Redmi 9 Prime Water/Durablity Test”

  1. Jt Jones

    Bros don’t subscribe to our channel only for the water tests please! Have stopped water tests and have moved on to more meaningful content like reviews, camera comparison, gadgets unboxing or in one word more knowledgeable and entertaining videos! If you like then subscribe and press the bell icon too! 😇

  2. Kalu Gujjar

    रेडमी 9 एकदम अच्छा है मैं वापस रहा हूं उसको एकदम ओके है वह चलने में भी अच्छा है एकदम बढ़िया है पीस अच्छा है मुझे तो अच्छा लगा भाई ₹9500 में लिया रेडमी 9 लेकिन अच्छा पीस है चलने में भी अच्छा है मुझे कोई दिक्कत नहीं है भाई

  3. يحيى محمد


  4. Angauras

    sir i am buying this phone today
    is it good for online classes as i want multitasking, and i dont want them to open everytime i want them to be running in bg please reply

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