Redmi 9 vs Redmi Note 9 – Which one should you buy?

Redmi Note 9 vs Redmi 9 Camera and Performance Comparison.

Redmi 9 is powered with Helio G80 while Redmi Note 9 is backed by Helio G85. When we look at the spec sheets there’s a clear winner but you might consider some things. Optimization and Processor Date. Overall, the two budget but powerful phone from Xiaomi is a great buy, offering 1080p display at an affordable price.
Redmi 9 price starts at P6,990 (3GB+32GB) and P7,490 (4GB+64GB)
Redmi Note 9 price starts at P7,990 (3GB+64GB) and P9,990 (4GB+128GB)

Redmi Note 9 Full Review:
Redmi 9 Full Review:

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45 Replies to “Redmi 9 vs Redmi Note 9 – Which one should you buy?”

  1. Manila Shaker Philippines

    in short redmi 9's helio g80 currently receiving better optimization because the cpu is older than redmi note 9. Interms of gaming redmi 9 is smoother (for now)compare to redmi note 9 but in overall performance redmi note 9 is the winner and expect that performance will vastly increase in the coming MIUI12 update. we hope so.

  2. Annyeong Haseyo

    Thanks for this review. Based on my visits in Mi Stores, Redmi Note 9 is a little better than Redmi 9 in terms of features/specs, etc. But Redmi 9 has the edge in sound or speaker. Redmi 9 has even better sound than M3, X3, etc. Im still tossed-up what to buy between the two. Redmi 9 is now P7,490 only while Redmi Note 9 is P7,990. I hope to buy one of these this January 2020. TY

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