Redmi K30 (Poco X2) Review & Unboxing

Xiaomi Redmi K30 review (Poco X2 Review) with unboxing, detailed look at the new 120hz Snapdragon 730G mobile. This video details benchmarks, performance, audio, gaming, fingerprint reader tests, video samples, photo quality in both lowlight and daylight. Where to buy:

00:00 – Intro
01:11 – Design & build
03:53 – Fingerprint unlocking
04:11 – Screen
05:21 – ROM & performance
08:54 – Battery
09:18 – Audio
10:09 – Gaming
11:18 – Photo samples
13:05 – Video samples
14:31 – Thoughts & recap
18:03 – Pros & Cons

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25 Replies to “Redmi K30 (Poco X2) Review & Unboxing”

  1. Ignas359

    Sounds pretty natural to me that the camera preview wouldn't be running at 120hz, so they limit the whole app to 60 so there wouldn't be any issues.

  2. Nohj Ferrst

    Quick question: About the bloatware – If you factory restore the phone from the get go can you get rid of all bloatware and is it advisable? Thanks

  3. kalinator

    Its so nice to see Xiaomi haven't forgotten about the little things such as infrared blaster. Suprisingly more useful than you would think!

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