RedMi- K30 Pro (FULL REVIEW!) THE 2020 flagship killer? [Xiaomify]

YES! The 2020 flagship killer is here: The RedMi K30 Pro! This phone has got some really good specs for its price, but how good is it really?
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Last year, the K20 Pro got launched internationally as the Mi9T. At the time of making this review, I am not sure if Xiaomi will use the same strategy this year though and release this as the Mi10T, but they might… maybe?

The K30 Pro, especially when compared to the ‘regular’ K30, has really been given some major upgrades. First and foremost is the Snapdragon 865 processor. This budget phone actually sports the latest flagship processor and, as far as I know, the most affordable phone with this processor. This makes it perform very very well.

The battery capacity is also increased on this Pro-model as it comes with a 4700 mAh battery which is a slight increase on the 4500 mAh on the K30.

The display on the K30 Pro has been upgraded to an AMOLED display; although it does not have such a high refresh rate as on the K30. I do find the display to look a LOT brighter and it has a much better color reproduction. -I actually favor the AMOLED display over the high refresh screen as the color and brightness really are a big difference.

The front of the phone offers a notch-less display because of the popup front facing camera, very similar to last year’s K20-series. This is a 20 megapixel camera which is quite similar to the K30, but does have a slight color difference and is a slightly wider angle lens.

The rear cameras have not been given much of an upgrade. The main (64-megapixel) camera is not spectacularly different than on the K30. Again there is some color difference and the angle seems slightly wider, but both also have slightly different processing (different sharpening and nose reduction).
The wide-angle lens is also slightly different and has a higher megapixel count on the K30 Pro, so these photos are a bit larger and more detailed.

Overall, the camera has been slightly improved but these are very marginal improvements. The camera setup is not close to what you would find on the flagship phones like the Mi 10 Pro, but we have to remember that this is a mid-level smartphone.

Generally speaking, I am a big fan of the K30 Pro. With my benchmark tests, it scored higher than phones that are around 3x its price; coming in the first place, which is really amazing!

It performs well, it’s got a very good battery, a flagship processor, a fullscreen AMOLED display that is very bright. The camera is not like you would see on a flagship phone, but with the K30 Pro that is a compromise for its price as you surely won’t find a phone with this performance for this price.

-For a mid-tier priced phone, it gives you flagship performance which pretty much gives it the deserved name of ‘flagship killer’.

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  1. onur

    that girl definitely is a eastern european one, there's no way she is american.

    btw nice video tho, couldn't watch but yeah.

  2. CODCZ115

    800 nit screen brightness? Is this really enough? Note 20 ultra can get up to 1,609 nits in high brightness mode? Can anyone confirm if this phone works in the US, on AT&T network? Thank you!


    well its a budget phone you cant ask much for the camera video balance , cuz it would increased the price and different mobo spec.
    for me , i dont really use much of the camera but if do tripod will solve the problem about the shaking. K30 PRO are good for me , enough to captured most of my daily social life.

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