Redmi Note 6 Pro vs Moto One Power Camera Comparison? | Does Note 6 Pro Suck?

Moto One Power vs Redmi Note 6 Pro Detailed Camera Comparison. Does the Redmi Note 6 Pro Camera suck? Moto One Power Google Camera Samples are also included in this video!

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Moto One Power:-

Redmi Note 6 Pro:-

In this video we will be doing a detailed camera comparison between the Redmi Note 6 Pro and the Moto One Power. Let’s see which phone clicks better pictures. I’ve also compared the Moto One Power Google Camera samples as well.

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32 Replies to “Redmi Note 6 Pro vs Moto One Power Camera Comparison? | Does Note 6 Pro Suck?”

  1. Naveen Kumar

    I have seen people complaining that they can't reduce the shutter speed in moto one power. If so light trails are not possible even with manual mode on.

  2. arhad 00

    I need some help.
    Yesterday I had ordered a tempered glass from glazedinc. and it's been very long but I haven't received any email from them. I also sent them an email asking them regarding the tracking details. But no response from their side.
    What do i do?

  3. Manoj Regmi

    please portrait mode wala aur bahaut kuch photo ka comparision karo……mujhe moto ka sab achha lagta hain sibaye uske portrait mode k so please portrait mode in g cam ka banawo..please help me me bhut confuse hu …g cam portrait ka comparison kardo bahut photos ke sath….aur batado mujhe ki g cam portrait in moto one power me age ditection kesha hain……bataado please yr vAaii……I M you big fan and I am from nepal

  4. Hari krishna

    Nice bhaiya but i request you to make a camera comparison of moto one power( gcam )& nokia 6.1 plus( gcam )because both have CAMERA API enabled that will be a tough battle. thank you

  5. Soumyakanti Roy

    The blown out highlights in the stock camera is due to the minimum ISO limited to 50.
    Do this: Enable HDR, Focus on the subject, and manually expose for the highlights. This will give a clean picture.

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