Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Moto One Power Comparison

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Redmi Note 7 Pro and Moto One Power are two smartphones below Rs 15,000 and here is the detailed comparison of the two devices.

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25 Replies to “Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Moto One Power Comparison”

  1. Dancing Little Stars

    I believe whenever we do comparisons ,get away yourself from past prejudices. In your own camera samples that you have shown,atleast for me moto one power is a clear winner.If you put right software of gcam on moto one power (I am having it),it directly beats oneplus 6t with a huge margin.Note 7 pro camera app is miui camera and thats its weakest point,though on hardware of camera side it is stronger.Ever try night sight mode with gcam on moto one power,you will get the biggest shock of life in form of stunning pics out of it.
    First point you elaborated was build quality and take my words.You hit moto one power on top of note 7 pro and note 7 pro will simply crack.The bare gorilla glass 5 on it is not resistant to even 5 feet fall.Coming to processor.New processor 675 has badly failed because of overheating.Where note 7 pro stand better then ?.Nowhere.Atleast beside this glasstic,plastic stuff if emphasis was more on metal build,still this phone could have gained minor edge.Overall i consider moto one power as most underrated smartphone by reviewers but actually its a tank.

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