Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Vivo V15 Pro Camera Comparison | 48MP Camera Shootout |

Sony IMX586 on the Redmi Note 7 Pro and the Samsung GM-1 sensor on the Vivo V15 Pro are the only two camera sensors capable of shooting in 48 megapixels. We put the both smartphone cameras to the test in this camera shootout video.

Read the Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Vivo V15 Pro 48MP Camera Shootout article:

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40 Replies to “Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Vivo V15 Pro Camera Comparison | 48MP Camera Shootout |”

  1. Digit

    Hey guys, we understand many of you believe the Redmi Note 7 Pro's 48MP camera is a better deal than the Vivo V15 Pro. However, in our tests, the Redmi Note 7 Pro clearly underperformed as compared to the Vivo V15 Pro. The Samsung GM-1 sensor is producing better results in terms of sharpness and clarity and that's because the Samsung sensor first takes photos in binned mode and then upscales to 48MP. That allows the V15 Pro to capture far more details thanks to the effective 1.6um pixel pitch. The Sony sensor on the Note 7 Pro takes 48MP shots without upscaling by capturing light using the default 0.8um pixels. We believe that's what's happening here. You can read more about the comparison here:

  2. Vicky Mi

    I think U don't knw how to capture a photo… Theoretically sony sensor is best then Samsung sensor.. And note 7 pro is powerful than vivo… U didnt handle camera well…

  3. Alex Bruce

    Agree with the other reviewers. This review lacks integrity. The picture of the Orange flowers at 2:53 is not a like for like image, so there is strong bias. Digit: Without integrity you have nothing. You did not get away with this sell-out as the audience are not fools. You should feel ashamed and a little humiliated.Your parents will not be proud.

  4. Fizzy !!

    Vivo se paise leke Kyu chutiya bana rahe ho public ko.. Everyone know that note 7 pro camera is far better then what you are trying to show.. Had subscribed you some days ago its time to unsubscribe now.. TOTALLY FAKE REVIEW..

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