Redmi Note 7 Vs Pocophone F1 – Design, Speed, Gaming

The Redmi Note 7 is a fine piece of tech that is almost impossible for its current price. What better than to compare it to the bang for the buck smartphone of the year, the Pocophone f1 from Xiaomi. The Pocophone F1 is has always been a mass favorite. It has a flagship processor, a big battery and a great camera. All of it only cost $300. The Redmi Note 7 is following the same path as the Pocophone F1 but targeting the midrange market rather than the flagship market which the Pocophone is already targeting.

27 Replies to “Redmi Note 7 Vs Pocophone F1 – Design, Speed, Gaming”

  1. Lukii

    I have note 7, this review is BS, both my facebook and youtube load instantly. Its not even close to representation in video.

  2. JM Luab

    snapdragon 660 & 845 are two different leagues; not an ideal to compare.. played PUBG in a redmi note 7 and its so smooth, dont know why yours was lagging; probably of the too many people during the tests or bad internet connection.

  3. Rafael White

    As someone who doesn't play games on a phone, Note 7 is the way to go. Considering it is 150 euro cheaper than the F1, I`ll be taking the better design and camera over gaming and a 1-2seconds faster load.

  4. Vasilis T

    Mi Note 7 does NOT have Gorilla Glass 5, it's 3 just like Pocophone. Also the back is NOT glass but cheap plastic, worst than Pocophone. Take a look at the durability video of Jerry Rig Everything. The back of Note 7 is damaged immediately and with no effort.

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