Redmi Note 8 Pro CAMERA TEST vs K20 / Mi 9

Redmi Note 8 Pro has a quad camera setup with a brand new 64Mp sensor, ultrawide camera and two depth sensors to assist imaging

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31 Replies to “Redmi Note 8 Pro CAMERA TEST vs K20 / Mi 9”

  1. 謝寛貴

    They really need to send updates to fix the video issues: lack of details, way off colours, and the dynamic range problems. On the other hand though, the 8Pro front camera looks the best compared to the other phones.

  2. SushiOverdose

    Nice video. I need a new phone that I need for good picture quality, like liveshows and people on a theatre stage.
    It seems that the Redmi 8 Pro will give me better pictures than the Mi 9 ? (but the Mi 9 would be better for filming)
    Do you agree with that ?

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