Redmi Note 9 Review नेपालीमा

This is the review of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9. It is the latest mid-range phone from Xiaomi in Nepal. We have used the Redmi Note 9 for more than a month now and here is the detailed review of it!

🔹 Redmi Note 9 Price in Nepal: Rs. 20,999 (4/64GB) | Rs. 22,999 (4/128GB) | Rs. 24,999 (6/128GB)
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The phone comes with a 6.67 inch IPS LCD screen with FHD+ resolution. The quality of the panel, we felt was not as good as the AMOLED one on the M21. For normal usage though, the panel will suffice your needs though.

Unlike last year’s Note 8, here you get a plastic build which is slightly disappointing. It looks and feels good, so it should not be a huge issue.

For performance, you get the gaming-centric Helio G85 from MediaTek. However, in this aspect too, we were a little let down because gaming on it is only average, which was not the case before on the Redmi Note 8.

Camera-wise, you get a quad-camera setup with a 48 MP primary lens, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and 2MP macro and depth sensors. In comparison with the M21, colors are better on the M21. Portraits from the Redmi Note 9 look good enough but again the Galaxy M21 has a more pleasing background and subject. Wide-angle images are better on the M21 as well.

For the battery, you get a 5,020 mAh unit with 22.5- watt fast charging support which gives good endurance.

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  1. Sandip Chaudhary

    Redmii note 9 pro max छ म सग Wifi बाट सबै apps चंल्छ तर Data conction बाट facebook light & messnger मात्रा चल्छ बाकि कुनै apps ले work gardina कुपया यसंको समाधन को Video बनाइ दिनुस न

  2. Safal MgR

    haina M21 lai nai yo mobile kina compare greko ho k yr just describe only of note 9 we are here not to compare alli yo kura chai thik liana malai hai aru sab thik xa

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