Redmi Note 9 Review – Still the Budget KING!

Here is my review of the Redmi Note 9! At 1299 HKD base (165 USD) there is a lot of phone here for a very low price! But can the Redmi Note 9 live up to hype of Redmi Note 7 & 8 series? #RedmiNote9 #Redmi #FrankieTech

Time codes for the video:
01:11 – What’s inside the box
01:52 – Design
03:10 – Display
04:18 – YouTube Playback
04:37 – DRM Info
04:50 – Performance
05:46 – Software
06:18 – Battery
06:57 – Audio/Speaker Test
07:36 – Fingerprint Scanner
08:17 – Camera Specs
08:52 – Camera Samples
10:55 – PUBG Mobile
12:57 – Final Verdict

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34 Replies to “Redmi Note 9 Review – Still the Budget KING!”

  1. kokwai chan

    Hi Frankie Tech can u made a video full review of redmi note 9 miui 12? I just updated my mom rn9 to miui 12 today & its feel abit lag on new animation opening/closing apps after I turned on new control centre… if change back old control centre no issue… in my rn8 pro doesn’t have this issue… any tweak to fix it?? Hope to hear from u soon

  2. Scott Lewis

    The Redmi Note 9 is undoubtedly a huge upgrade from the Redmi Note 8, with respect to the upgrade in the choice of processor. MediaTek Helio G85 chipset is a good addition to the smartphone. A good mid-range chipset for a phone in this price range. The build and the design of the phone is solid.

  3. ZeA Quin

    i just noticed the horrible shadows along the edge and around the cam on your 9s video. Did you notice it too on this particular model? and is it tianma or huaxing panel?

  4. Stephan Asdf

    Is powered by the Helio G85 which only supports 2K video.
    This is unbelievable for a 2020 phone. The previous model Redmi S2 which came out in 2018 supported 4K video with the Open Camera app. No AMOLED screen either on this latest phone.
    Oppo, please introduce Xiaomi to AMOLED screens.

  5. Venom Kronton

    Redmi note 9 is the worst phone playing Pubg mobile or Call of duty, lot of phone lag issue during the game and it's 6gb ram is jst nt capable enough of handling the games… Plz don't buy this device if you r expecting a good gameplay on this device… It's not worthy

  6. Jordan Gogov

    Frankie do you have any idea why the upper and lower part of the screen reacts slower than the other parts of the screen, it's not only on my poco f2 pro, my brothers S10 Lite has it too, does it have anything to do with the on screen buttons or something like that, cuz it's very strange, i found this while playing PUBG and tried to click the corner and it reacts only if pressed for more time

  7. Trini_ Boi

    Best phone i owned so far I just don't understand why it won't let me send pics in my messages over Wi-Fi I have to switch to my data to send a pic

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