Redmi Note 9 Review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Full Review Philippines

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40 Replies to “Redmi Note 9 Review”

  1. Youtube Fan

    Thanks for the video. Can anyone here tell me how to zoom this phone beyond it's capabilities of 10 times zoom ?I'd like to shoot far away objects and that'd require around 35 times . Any app or external lenses I can use ?thanks .

  2. Swer Tech

    ⚠️ Xioami Redmi 9 Giveaway ⚠️

    Swertech's Unboxing Review and Giveaway of the Xiaomi Redmi 9 is already up on youtube!

    I’ve come to expect a lot from the Xiaomi Redmi 9 and guess what? It did not disappoint. Despite its low price tag, it offers value that some more expensive phones don’t have. It’s got a lot going on including a decent MediaTek Helio G80 chipset, a total of five cameras, and a massive battery! Impressive!

    If you want to win this amazing phone, go ahead and watch the entire video and follow the steps/mechanics by clicking the link below.

  3. Stephan Asdf

    Is powered by the Helio G85 which only supports 2K video.
    This is unbelievable for a 2020 phone. The previous model Redmi S2 which came out in 2018 supported 4K video with the Open Camera app. No AMOLED screen either on this latest phone.
    Oppo, please introduce Xiaomi to AMOLED screens.

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