Redmi Note 9S Review & Unboxing

Redmi Note 9S Review. The Global Redmi Note 9 Pro. 4GB+64GB version is 199 euros with code: 16NOTE9S here: 6GB+128GB model 229 euros with coupon: 16NOTE9S128 here: (These are NOT affiliate links)

00:00 – Intro
02:51 – Display
03:48 – Fingerprint reader
04:12 – Performance/Benchmarks
07:01 – Battery life
07:45 – Gaming
08:25 – Audio
09:13 – Camera
10:00 – Camera Samples
13:20 – Recap with Pros & Cons

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27 Replies to “Redmi Note 9S Review & Unboxing”

  1. Amy Pilos

    I really liked this review, this is the phone I'm saving for but I'm worried for that camera crash ✋😭 overall, it's not that bad, I'll take it 🤗🌸 if I got it, I would only play at low quality and low brightness so it will make the battery to low slower 😄

  2. Leo Oz

    beware for US customers… This phone is not accepted by Cricket nor ATT. Although this phone can have VoLTE 4G activated, they will suspend your account if you attempt to use it on their network. I tried using on Cricket, it worked for an hour, but then my account was suspended. When I called customer service, I was told that this phone is neither on Cricket's approved phone list nor ATT's list.

  3. Aviation HJM

    Watching on my note 9s rn! Using the phone for 2 months now. 6/128 model and it's really great! I love it. Great for intense graphics flight simulators! 👍

  4. Kostas Sfakiotakis

    Well i have one question , how do i know which camera am using or if am using the ultra-wide camera while recording audio . Pretty informative review with some extra information that i have heared on other reviews . Personally right now i have a Redmi 7 Note .

  5. Mr. Hyde

    I bought one but ended up returning it. For me the camera quality is very important because I love to take videos and pictures. But the redmi 9s picture and video quality is rather bad. The galaxy s8 makes better and cleaner pictures/videos. Go for a galaxy s8 if you need a good all rounder smartphone that is not too expensive.

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