Remote Play Xbox One Games to Windows, Android or iOS

PlayStation has Remote Play to Vita and Xperia Phones but Xbox One lets you stream your games to Windows 10 devices and today I’ll show you how to stream to Android and iOS as well!

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23 Replies to “Remote Play Xbox One Games to Windows, Android or iOS”

  1. Jim Edwards

    I am a truck driver and I am on the road at least 340 days out of the year. However I am a huge gamer and I want to play but all I have is my Android phone. Am I able to do that or do i have to be close to my xbox and have it on?

  2. Vexorz

    A comma generally takes place of another conjunction somewhere else in the sentence.
    “Windows 10 OR android OR iOS”
    Not windows 10 And android or iOS
    Another clickbait trash video

  3. InfernoPlayz

    Have the pc found but it won’t accept my password and I even changed it and it won’t work, and yes it is reading my username as correct. Please Help me?!

  4. Todd McCown

    Very nice. But how do you map the buttons on your controller to play games on your phone via remote app when your not in range of pc? Is there a way to do this? I can stream just fine, but without a controller its useless

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