Replacing Bands on Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) and Galaxy Watch Active (40mm) Smartwatches

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Dr. VIVA P1 Fitness Watch (mentioned briefly in this video):
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UPDATE: Thanks for your feedback. I obviously missed the mark on this video, so I’ve renamed it, appropriately, “Replacing Bands on Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) and Galaxy Watch Active (40mm) Smartwatches”, and I redid the comparison video here:

This is the latest rendition of the Samsung Galaxy Watch line, the “Active” which is 2mm smaller in diameter than the ladies version of the Galaxy Watch (42mm) and considerably smaller than the men’s Galaxy Watch (46mm). Still, it is a firmatable watch, especially at the new low price of under $200. It has both NFC and GPS and runs the same Tizen 4 operating system as its expensive peers. We are doing a series of videos on this Active watch, including an unboxing, tethering, first look, and more. When blood pressure reading is finally available, we’ll take a special look at that, too. Have you subscribed to our channel yet? If you do, you’ll be among the first to know when a new video is published!

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38 Replies to “Replacing Bands on Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) and Galaxy Watch Active (40mm) Smartwatches”

  1. Shelinha Goncalves

    Im having A problem with notifications going through my watch I mean my watch is connected to Bluetooth I went to the app of the watch I have my notifications that I chose to show on my watch but I'm having no luck what else do I have to do maybe I'm missing something or maybe I have to put something else on not sure I need help with that

  2. Shelinha Goncalves

    I choose my watch the Samsung Galaxy watch I just wanted to know something could you just have Bluetooth on the watch and shut off Wi-Fi or do you have to have both on lik e 2 make calls and stuff

  3. Shelinha Goncalves

    I was thinking of buying this watch cuz it's damn gorgeous but the battery life is disappointing some people say it last two days and other say it lasts less than 2 days I don't know which one is it people are confusing when they say stuff like that and I'm confused about this to if this battery life for the active is 230 milliamp hour then how come it only last 2 days or less whatever and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit the one that I have is 200 milliamp hour battery and it lasts me like three to four days so that i don't understand why

  4. Shelinha Goncalves

    Mr. Ticks could you tell me what's the difference between the vibrate mode and the goodnight mode I mean the vibrate mode is to keep from the watch making a sound while you're sleeping so why does it need the good night mode

  5. Shelinha Goncalves

    I'm thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy watch active but I'm confused because I also like the Samsung Galaxy watch with the bezel but I look more for Fitness features so I don't know which to choose which one would you choose the active or the Samsung Galaxy Watch if you don't wear the watch on your wrist while you're sleeping will it still track your sleep well well to be honest when I first saw this watch on YouTube I fell in love with it maybe because it doesn't have the bezel or maybe because of its Elegance that I fell in love with Samsung should have still made the screen wider cuz because it doesn't have the bezel but it shows pretty good though

  6. Jamie Terry

    You actually don't have to have a sim to make and receive calls or texts on the Galaxy Watch. The bluetooth only version does it too as long as you're connected to your phone and within, I think, about 30 feet from your phone. I can get texts and Facebook messages on my watch and calls. The only thing I can't get is calls from Facebook.

  7. Imran Hussain

    God this guy is so annoying and terrible!! I was hoping for an informative comparison and this guy is just acting like a lunatic with the watch straps for 10 minutes!

  8. # persiano

    Please stop this show! most experience useless toys ever! they don't work at all I spend £110 on one of this smartwatch (lemo…) afew months ago and used once or twice! It's absolutely useless!

  9. RedWings

    You need to review the watch and really get away from the act. It takes away from the purpose of this video which was not helpful at all.

  10. Mille

    Thanks for this. You are informative and hilarious. You really made me laugh. Don't ever stop being silly in your videos. :')

  11. JS K

    You sound like freakshow from Harold and Kumar . But on a serious note you raise a very good question with the comparison. I’m thinking the 42mm galaxy watch. I love that rotating bezel

  12. MagicalWingLT

    People can easily get the Galaxy Watch 46mm Bluetooth, and LTE for around $170-$200 now… I got the LTE version for $180.00 like new. It was barely used and I got it for a steal…. My husband got the Bluetooth version for $180.00 like new as well… E Bay, Amazon third party sellers, Facebook Market Place, and Mercari App…. The Galaxy watch has a lot more features then the Active…. Just letting people know that you can easily get the Galaxy Watch for very cheap now…..

  13. Serene Survivor

    I have the Galaxy watch and it is waterproof, I've worn it in the shower many times. You can also answer calls and texts, I can leave my phone at home and not have to worry about missing a call or text. Honestly, I absolutely love the rotating bezel. My watch face stays free of fingerprint smudges. Seems like this guy had a preference from the start and likes to talk down to his audience. Not a fan.

  14. Dan Weikert

    Don't give a F about the band, TALK ABOUT THE WATCH!!!!! Maybe you finally got around to something useful, but after 5 minutes on bands, with an appearance from some ecg watch for some reason, I couldn't keep viewing

  15. woodswalker4

    Really enjoy your videos, I have a kospect Hope, I ride 21miles a day on an eliptigo bike just bought the Samsung Galaxy active as a second watch to see which was more accurate. I would really like to see you answer a call with the active watch through bluetooth headphones

  16. RonnieJ67

    Good video. Couple of questions about the Active Watch, how reliable is the GPS tracker when running? And how reliable is the Strava app with GPS tracking? Also, when using GPS & bluetooth does the battery last long? Thanks

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