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  1. Enzo Arauco

    This is the most simple and understandable tutorial i watch, thanks for the video, i have a question if i are using a login with jwt (i follow your steps), the login is successfull and i can catch de token but i want to decode the token and save in an object for example user, do you have any example of that?

  2. Ash M

    Just wanted to say great work I will call out one thing that I had to do was make a few updates for things to work for myself. I was receiving the following error "java.lang.illegalStateExcepton:Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was BEGIN_ARRAY at line 1 column 2. This was an easy fix to update "List" to Call<List<LoginResponse>>
    and any lines that would call back to that.

  3. AYODIMEJI Dsoft

    larn tech, you're a great teacher, put please, i'm having errors of Login failed, and i'm using correct endpoint, but i discovered you didn't show how you implement the API_KEY(7a3eeeccdddhhdhsjdhssj) . i don't where i can add it so that the Retrofit can get the Response correctly. please educate me, on how to go about that. please i'm new to Retrofit and Api. Thanks so much in anticipation

  4. Aniket Kumar

    what is the username and password that you are entering in this video? Everytime I entered UserName and Password, it is showing "Login Failed" message.
    How can I check whether I am able to login successfully or not?

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