Review: 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2018) – A Tamed BEAST!

Starting at $799 (11-inch) and $999 (12.9-inch), the iPad Pro has ridiculous power, and thoughtful features, but it remains hindered by the shortcomings of iOS. HyperDrive for iPad Pro: | Other Hyper USB-C Hubs for iPads: Use the link above or “9to5iPadPro” coupon to get 20% off existing USB-C hubs for 2018 iPad Pro.

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47 Replies to “Review: 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2018) – A Tamed BEAST!”

  1. 9to5Mac

    Apologize in advance for my bad voice, fighting a severe cold. Thanks for your support and all the thumbs up 👍🏽! It helps a ton.

  2. Aparna Thakur

    What I have this size I pad and the tablet got broked and my saw it and the guilty I want to see my tablet to friend and angry enemy broke this and I got bullied 😘

  3. yung mouss

    Just bought a pre- owned excellent condition for $610,i checked ebay, Amazon, swappa, Apple etc… this machine is still expensive everywhere and the 2020 version isn't a huge upgrade so i think is worth it

  4. Madisson Vargas

    :O… OMG I’m jealous I might get the iPad Pro and I’m getting the storage bc I will record myself singing since I have a good voice then I’ll buy a green screen then a microphone

  5. Karan

    instead of liking the video, clicking the subscribe button, and turning on notifications, i'm actually going to dislike it and go watch something else. bye!

  6. Michael Monroe

    I’ve had the original iPad Pro 12.9 for 4 years or so and to be honest it’s been remarkable. One stop shopping for almost all of my multi Media needs when at home or traveling. All the iOS updates have been seem less upgrades that work nearly flawlessly and are intuitive like all other iOS devices, and I was an early adopter and stood in line to get the original iPhone 2g from att. Compared to windows its a night and day experience. I’m about to jump into this 2018 model and the only reason is because the lte SIM card won’t communicate with the radio of the device. It doesn’t recognize the sim. Tried swapping out to a new sim, disable cellular etc. not sure it’s worth the steep price Apple puts on it but it’s beyond anything I could ever dream of in a device.

  7. Mike Ivy

    Bought it…and the slim folio case and the pencil and wonderful pencils ✏️ like screen protector. Sounds just like a pencil on paper. I bought the 512 gb

  8. GinGin

    how msny GB (storage) would you recomend for a visual artist? Same as photography? Can u store online so dont need as much? Why dont you want big MB files uploading to icloud?

  9. Chuck Starks

    Killer review, Jeff. Thanks for the hardware coverage at the end. You sounded awesome in the video, despite being a little under the weather. Cheers from Nashville 🙂

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