The Cat S61 is arguably the most compelling rugged smartphone to date. With a built in thermal camera, air quality meter and laser distance gauge, it has all the tools out of the box to help on any jobsite. Now that I’ve gotten the chance to use it for a couple weeks, I think I can now give you my honest review.

0:58 Battery
4:02 Design & Exterior Build Quality
9:46 Software
15:22 Cameras
19:55 Display
22:00 Tools
25:45 Networking
27:38 Speaker & Microphone

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  1. ctuan13

    Hey guys, just a correction, the built in thermal Flir Lepton module is actually 80×60, and not 120×160. I was basing my info on what little early information was available, but further testing has confirmed it is the lower resolution of 80×20.

  2. Alex Györék

    Very good review! Yes It's really good phone but the biggest problem is the ram. I have the same problem with my BlackBerry KeyOne and I searching for a next phone, I would like to buy CAT S61 but I scared from ram. :-/

  3. superdrummergaming

    That processor, RAM, and camera are fine. This isn't a powerhouse or flagship phone. It's a rugged phone. It's not supposed to have the best hardware, it's supposed to be the toughest. The price comes from the toughness and FLIR camera. Also, standalone FLIR cameras take a long time to boot up too , so that's not the fault of the phone either.

  4. Mehran Mahdi

    The camera images from both the S60 and S61 are better than iPhone except in high dynamic range, I do not know what do you expect from a camera. The front camera on the iPhone is junk because of the software processing. Have you checked the shutter speed on the S61? maybe it's slow because you chose a slow shutter speed.

  5. Sanoy Evasco

    After viewing this review, I think cat phone need more improvement for their product like the auto focus camera. I dont like also the bump over the head of s61 phone. I much like better the view of cat s41. I also want the lower bottom to be elongated, the physical,home,recent,button will be triangularly shape with a support arround it so that it will prevent from press espicially when we put it with other tools.

  6. NoNotReally

    hi, nice review. aluminium is actually more rigid than steel. that's why it gets micro fractures when it bends/dents. and that's why it's more fragile than steel. steel will absorb shock better because it's less rigid.

  7. OldManWilkins

    Charging issues, side trays comes loose after repeat uses, software issues, thermal issues, i mean you know the problems but why not tell the public is mind boggling coming from you. Maybe bc the company donated the phone to you? I dont know but Im 100% sure you will see the bads in the the future.

  8. Matt Matteisen

    first of all that was hell of a helpful review!!

    the second thing is about the slow shutter: it looks like u have activated the HDR, that would explain the slow shutter. ?

  9. Nadya Varadinova

    Can you compare in video S61 and S41? S41 is with lower spec, but has that comfy rubber case, the battery (by spec) is slightly better and I am curious how much they are comparable

  10. Hillbilly FPV

    Great and best detailed review. You're good at this. 🙂 Mine will be delivered today. Now i know what to expect. I bought it because i am a plumber/pipefitter and have found the flir one to help me in many ways in the past. It will be nice not to have an extra gadget to pack around. As a novice, i dont think this would be the phone for you because of the lack of power compaired to other phones. But if you are in construction and would use its features almost on a daily basis then yes…. buy it! 🙂
    Edit: I am in agreement with you… but… forget the extra $100… with this price it should already have a top of the line camera with stabilization. That was almost a deal breaker for me.

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