REVIEW: CAT S61 Laser Measurement Tool

The CAT S61 has some amazing built in tools, but all too often the Flir thermal camera gets all the focus, while the other tools fall at the wayside. In this video, I will be going over the basics as well as demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses of the S61’s built in laser measurement tool.

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  1. Total Noob Sauce

    I find the biggest problem with this laser measurement tool is if lighting is not good, the camera which the app relies on, won't focus correctly and give an inaccurate reading. In optimal conditions, I've had it give me a spot on measurement. Not reliable if you want accurate spot on measurements.

  2. Cutz Technologies

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  3. Gerry926

    Good review, again. I found it accurate, to within .30 of an inch, on the plus side. Not bad. The only issue I have is, when you put it against a wall to measure to another wall, you can't see the screen and therefore, I can't guide the dot finder. I have no idea if the phone sees the dot, until I take the pic with the volume key. It's useful, at those rare moments I'm without a measuring tape.

  4. NoceboX

    Hi, it's great to see reviews of the cat s61. There are little to no other videos on this.
    One thing I would love to see you cover is the accuracy of the laser tool. Is 4' really 4' in real life or is it more like 4.5' or 3.8'. Are horizontal and vertical distances equally accurate, and is the distance to wall measurement accurate?

    I look forward to future videos on the cat s61.

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