Revisited: Nokia 6 review – This phone surprised us

Our original Nokia 6 review:
We now take an in-depth look at the globally available version of Nokia 6 – whether it differs in build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality. To learn more, read our detailed test results over at

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46 Replies to “Revisited: Nokia 6 review – This phone surprised us”

  1. Wheel0fFate

    whats your product code? i mean TA-10xx? i heard the quality differ from one to another please everyone give me their experience with the product code.

  2. pat cola

    Honestly though, i think this phone makes up for the slower processor in the dolby atmos dual speakers and the capacitive buttons. Even the processor speed has never been an issue when i had it.

    Had a google pixel 2 xl for one day and returned it. I couldn't justify the screen bluish tint and the exorbitant price tag for such a device.

    The Nokia I feel alot better with taking a few drops and scrapes. Can't justify the expenditure on a pixel2 xl phone that is nearly $1000 with flaws of burn in and bluish screens and no headphone jack.

    Very nice device don't get me wrong but google shouldn't have those flaws at those prices.

  3. pat cola

    I just ordered another one.I already have a high powered windows phone so i was quite happy with the performance of the Nokia 6 .

    I don't know what you mean about the battery ? The battery is great on this phone. I had great battery life on this phone with fairly heavy use.

  4. MultiVideoGameplays

    Hey, has anybody seen my pizza?

    Which phone should I choose between the Nokia (2018) and the Sony Xperia XA2? Which one of them looks better (I like them both) and which one has a better grip? Thank you. 🙂

  5. Skrcsbrt

    what about the sound quality output through the jacks. and the sound quality of the microphone in case you want to record live music or live instrument playing ..?

  6. Petri Y

    I have not found so much mention about the audio quality in recorded videon. On my Nokia 6 the audio sound somewhat muffled or "under waterish".Foot steps in recorded videos sounds like hearing from a bucket or something… Someone else having this issue?

  7. Jan Vincent

    I was expecting a good review other than the specs. I wanna see what you can do on the phone like ( customizing your screen- can you change the default apps on home screen, can you change icon size, widgets? music player etc.. these are the things that are highly intresting than discussing the techy parts of it.

  8. Gwen Coonen

    a truely honest and well made review, great quality on the editing, love your videos 😉 Though …you should eat less pizza and go for the Nokia-health program! ;-P

  9. Cameron S

    $230 on amazon is a fucking steal. I am using a note 3 with a cracked screen, missing camera lens, and a volume rocker that fell out somehow. The battery life also drains after an hour and a half of usage.

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