RhinoShield SolidSuit & CrashGuard Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ Comparison!

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CrashGuard S10+

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22 Replies to “RhinoShield SolidSuit & CrashGuard Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ Comparison!”

  1. l0asse

    i got the bumper it may be great if everything is perfektly flat but if your phone fals down on the ground and there is just a little rock your phone breaks ,,,,like mine did

  2. Brad Taylor

    I have had the S10+ SolidSuit Leather back model for about a week now and it is so Awesome! Very well made, Looks Great, and it gives a good feel to the phone with the soft leather. I haven't seen one video with that model on the S10+ yet though. So I may be one of the few to own it this early. Who knows

  3. Robert Battad

    I've been using the bumper guard on my previos S8 and the problem with the rhinos' material is that it gets bruises easily inside my tight pocket. Did they improve the material on the solid suit carbon? I want it for my S10.

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