Safari iOS 7 Tips and Tricks


The iOS 7 Safari update includes lots of design improvements as well as some features most consumers might not know. The new iOS 7 design features web page scrolls, as well as the swipe gestures to move back to the main search page. Other features are on the website page views where you can swipe the page to the left to remove it or tap on the X on the upper left hand corner of the page.
Another feature is the ability to bookmark a website to your favorites menu so that it can be easily accessed without having to scroll through your lengthly list of bookmarks.
iOS 7 Safari also includes a private browsing feature, so that you can browse websites without anyone know who your are by your IP address. You also have the ability to AirDrop a website to another iDevice user.
iOS 7 Safari is a much improved internet search engine, but more is coming in the fall with the new iOS 8 upgrades. Stay tuned for my video of iOS 8 Safari features.


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