Samsung A7 (2018) vs Vivo V11 Pro Speed Test & Camera Test !

Samsung a7 2018 vs vivo v11 pro speed test & camera comparison…

samsung a7 features exynos 7885 with triple camera while on the other hand vivo v11 pro features snapdragon 660 with dual camera setup…
More Speed Test —-

Samsung A7 (2018) vs Oppo F9 Pro –

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24 Replies to “Samsung A7 (2018) vs Vivo V11 Pro Speed Test & Camera Test !”

  1. 1 Ace

    I mean Vivo is best when it comes to their high end phones, and their budget smartphones.
    I can say from experience that Vivo phones are way faster, way more user friendly, and the people that work (at where I buy my Vivo phones) are always generous enough to give at least 3 freebies, and most Vivo phones have Earphones already so it's a great deal.
    The reason why I like Vivo so much, which I think is also the reason why most people dislike it, is beacuse of its android skin. Funtouch is well, Fun!
    It helps ypu through normal multitasking, and hardy games.
    With its new update it added Jovi, and the new Gaming Mode 5.0 found in the V15.

    Vivo is also very creative when it come to the design of their phones.
    (Release of Vivo NEX)
    The Vivo NEX rocked the world with its beautifup design, and powerful processor. And a REAL bezzeless screen.
    (Release of Vivo NEX 2)
    The NEX 2 introduced to the market a back to back screen for the photo lovers.
    (Release of Vivo X21)
    The X21 was one of the first pgones that really used the rear mounted fingerprint sensor. Which is the reason why so many phones today are striving for that in display fingerprint.
    (Sneak peek of Vivo APEX)
    With the leaked info avlbout the APEX and Vivo finally launching its spec sheet and design. It rocked the globe with Vivos amazing creativity. No one needed a phone with no volume rocker, no charging port, no power buttilon, no speaker grill, and no 3.5mm headphone jack. But they made it. And it was amazing.

    Vivo also has always been an OTG supportive brand. Which is very helpful for students who doesn't want to type tgeir notes on their laptops and just write it down on their phone. It is also a great way to be able to move files to other phones whithout having to struggpe with bluetooth.

    Im the end Vivo is a great phone company, with only minor setbacks.

    I live the brand so much.
    I hope you all too.

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