Samsung A70 50+ Tips and Tricks

Samsung A70 50+ Tips and Tricks

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38 Replies to “Samsung A70 50+ Tips and Tricks”

  1. Michael RS

    Greetings from Orange County California.
    This video is extremely useful to me even now. I've been with LG for 8 years and my v40 recently went belly up and the current offerings from LG don't really interest me (the v60 being just too big for my purposes) so I started looking at Samsung. Also, looking to save a little money from flagships so I was looking at the A71 5G and the s20 FE.

    But T-Mobile was offering me A71 5G for $600. I honestly don't think it's worth more than $500 in a carrier store. So I almost got the s20 FE, but then I noticed on the Samsung website that they were offering the T-Mobile A71 5 G for $375. So I snatched it and it should be here by Dec. 23rd.

    So I was looking for some videos that would bring me up to date on some of the Samsung operating systems and I found this very extensive one. Which I'm sure is very useful for a lot of people.
    So thank you for it.

  2. tomi calaguas

    Heyy mr. A70expert, I have a challenge for you.. Theres this one time, I came accross my wallpaper background is black with clock showing SECONDS!!!, probably i accidentally cracked a secret touch sequence that appeared clock showing seconds counter! Press accidentally leaned my hand on the screen, i could not do it any more! I want my clock is showing seconds counter! Please show me how to go back to that screensaver?

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