Samsung A70 "Real Review"

Samsung A70 “Real Review”
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22 Replies to “Samsung A70 "Real Review"”

  1. Neil Castro

    I bought this phone last year. Not worth getting it. It gets super hot on the top area when you use it too long. I just got the note 20 ultra because i couldn't take the heat from the top area from the phone.

  2. Rudy Mairena

    Aww your cat only wants some affection. I was like kitty come to momma I will love you 😍 hehe great review btw. I have the Galaxy S9 thinking of buying this or the Note 20 Ultra if not then a iPhone 11 Pro Max

  3. Connie Gee

    You convinced me to get this phone. I purchased it May 25, 2020 for $314.99 via Amazon. Your review is very thorough and fair. I got it as a back-up phone to my Google Pixel 3a, which has a much better camera. The camera on the A70 is just OK, with a soft focus. My complaint is that all the default settings are set to Vietnam, where this phone is made. I was able to set the language to American English, but the time zone keeps reverting to Hanoi. I was most interested in the camera, which you start at 16:56. Very detailed!

  4. Amy A

    Anybody done the android 10 latest (may 2020) upgrade on A70? Pls share your review feedback. The earlier upgrade (mar/Apr 2020) had some issues that caused the phone to freeze up. Thank you.

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