Samsung A7(2018) vs Nokia 7 Plus Speed Test | Camera Test | TechTag

Samsung A7 2018 vs Nokia 7 Plus Speed Test & Camera Test Comparison…

Comparing opening apps speed test & camera samples, samsung a7 2018 features exynos 7885 and triple rear camera set up while on the other hand nokia 7 plus features snapdragon 660 and dual rear camera set up..

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30 Replies to “Samsung A7(2018) vs Nokia 7 Plus Speed Test | Camera Test | TechTag”

  1. ben owen

    Of course Nokia beats Samsung, why? Android One which means faster updates guaranteed along with a bloat free Android software experience.

  2. Latifah Baron

    Nokia 7 plus is the best….trust me Im working in electronics section. Nokia 7 plus camera captures reality pictures. Even samsung has higher megapixels but Nokia is using Carl Zeiss lens, high end quality lenses that even NASA is using.

  3. sunder christopher medapati

    Throw two mobiles and will know the real winner… I think Nokia 7 plus is better than that dumb samsung.. i am using from six months with load of 89 apps and High graphical games (PUBG, Tekken, Dark rises…) .. no logging and smooth running… Build quality is toooo good,…

  4. anmol gurung

    I got Nokia 6 very soon after release .it's good but it's front camera is of mirror mode and can't be changed hope Nokia 7plus dosent have that mode of front camera ….

  5. Frozzy Blood

    Чувак, ну пиздеть то не надо, на самсунге ты первее нажимал) а еще я видел тоже на твоем канале видео нокиа 6.1 вс а7 и там тож а7 выиграл, так что все с тобой ясно)))

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