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38 Replies to “Samsung Fan Roasts Apple Fan | TechTalkTV Introll”

  1. riley busse

    Actually Apple had wireless charging with the iPhone 4S so the iPhone 8 was not the first phone to have wireless charging I'll put my iPhone 4S I'm a charger and it will start charging out of the box and it's like 8 years old now that's insane but the iPhone 4 which will be 9 years old this year also has wireless charging you just have to pay attention to it unless it was just the iPhone 4S either way Apple still had wireless charging before Samsung and other companies in 2011 and then Samsung added it in 2015 with the Galaxy S6 which by the way has worse battery life than the iPhone 4S my iPhone 4S currently on iOS 9.3.5 can get 8 hours of screen on time where my Galaxy S6 is barely able to push out three

  2. Azan Ali

    As a Samsung fan, this is the best thing I've watched in years. Really calmed me down after a explaining an Apple fan boy why iPhones are expensive bricks.

  3. Shazil Haider

    No one had the proof that the note 9 burned in real….where as in the iphone case…there was a solid proof…and gueess what…no onee bothered!
    Bcz its apple!

  4. ScheeWheed

    Oh hello there comment traveller. I see that you’re looking for those nitwits called Apple Sheeps. So far, I haven’t found any on this part. Try checking the replies, you might find some luck there.

    Anyways, you better keep going, because you may have missed something

    Cheers traveller!

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