47 Replies to “Samsung Fold first look”

  1. chancez byas

    Looks like I’ll be switching back to Samsung. This is amazing and something out of the ordinary! But that price tho sheesh, can I get like a $500 discount if I give in my apple phone lol

  2. O T H E R S I D E

    I unironically like this idea of a foldable phone. its super convenient when you need a bigger screen or just want to chill for a bit. 90% of the time i'd leave it closed just because I just scroll through instagram, check messages and maybe email.

    I feel like everyone should wait for the second generation because I'm putting money that it will be thinner, more optimized, faster and have way less bugs. it'll give them time to work out the kinks and give 3rd party developers time to develop software for the foldable screen. As of right now, i'd be willing to bet only 1st party apps are compatible with the folding option.

  3. Gerard Tre

    I can tell you onething Samsung is pushed into launching this phone because of competition coz these phones have no glass covering the display and these can lead to strip and panel failure

  4. Chris HzAf

    Huawei Mate X looks too much better, specially talking about the front screen, g fold just looks thick and ugly as hell…mate x is pretty sexy. Samsung:0 Huawei:1000

  5. Kelong Wu

    For me, Samsung looks more luxurious with the design, while Huawei Mate X is more convenient with larger front screen and much thinner body. But I think the biggest difference is still the 5g support.

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