41 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A21s vs iPhone 11”

  1. Elijah Dela Cruz

    I have both phones
    My main is the iphone 11
    My primary is the A21s
    In conparison
    I like A21s a lot because it has larger screen and have 4 cameras
    For the iphone 11, i lile it because the camera is verry sharp unlike the A21s. Thats all.

  2. Azim Mohammed

    A21s is way better, it’s literally 0.2 seconds slower on opening apps, but there’s a 500-600 pounds/dollars in difference. A21s is better in price and value

  3. James488

    yall need to stop playin around, the iphone is a excellent phone though the a21s cant beat the iphone 11's standard, the a21s is worth it for a budget phone overall the iphone 11 is better if u got the money

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