Samsung Galaxy A40 – A Banging Budget Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A40 – A Banging Budget Smartphone – A first look at the Galaxy A40 and I think it’s a little diamond powerhouse! It’s got great specs for a £200 smartphone, so there is definitely value for money! Probably Samsung best budget phone 2019

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A40 – A Banging Budget Smartphone”

  1. Eleazar Sotomayor

    I like this! Will be getting the a70 in a bit..but this is not bad at all! You can always get a working apk for the gcam, this is a good contender against the pixel 3a, but the screen itself pays off as I can see, same as audio quality..this is a well rounded phone imho, a bit more expensive that the 3a but if you will be watching a lot of netflix and other video streaming this is the phone for you, amoled will never fail to impress you..! The pixel 3a is very good as well, maybe I just like the over-all things that the a40 can offer, you are getting more features with this, the screen, the screen!

  2. The Spark

    I just got the A70 for 250 pounds which in Denmark is very cheap, you usually multiply release price with 1.5 here. It´s one heck of a phone, so glad I bought it. My friend has the A40 and is very happy with it.

  3. Dene. F.

    Just about to buy the Pixel 3a tonight for her indoors (not that she can tell the difference between a good quality camera and a camel. Lol). She requires a camera upgrade now we have little grandkids. Is this camera worthy mate, or is the Pixel 3a camera a £180 better? Cheers chap.

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